Growth Through The Trades

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Assisting UNDEREMPLOYED members of our community in finding their Future Career Path in TRADES

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Young trades men and women go through our program and learn to invest in themselves, their family, and their community.

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Focused on the Washington DC and metro area.

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Look for future opportunities to connect, assist, or simply follow along on our journey.

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Our programs focus on the three key areas of Awareness, Education, and Connections.

Excited to take the next step in your Future Career? Look around to see how we can do great things together!
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Preparing the Next Generation

Second Chance For Your Future Career Path most commonly known as “Second Chance” or “Second ‘C’” believes there exists a disconnect between the current education system in the United States and the American Worker. While unemployment is at a record low, underemployment is a continuing concern. Far too many young people are working jobs at wages below their aptitude and in many cases having to work multiple jobs at this state.

We strive to educate and provide opportunities for the underemployed to excel in the trades. We hope to make an impact on the next generation by paving opportunities for men and women to pursue a career path in the trades.

Promoting a route other than college, we hope to increase employment while decreasing underemployment. We believe an individual with a defined career path is more likely to be successful in their personal and professional life.

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