Anthony Hardenburgh came up with the idea to form Second Chance For Your Future Career Path (Second Chance) based on his construction background which he used to fund his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech.  Upon graduation from TC Williams High School, Anthony joined the US Navy Reserves as a Seabee (Construction Battalion) and worked his way through undergrad building houses and additions to fund his degree. Anthony has spent the last 25 years in global trade but never lost his passion for the trades.

Anthony’s Vision:

Twenty-five years later, with over 6 million jobs in the trades unfulfilled, very high under-employment, many high-school graduates lacking the necessary skill sets and a large number of under-graduates burdened with heavy debt and low marketability for their degrees, Second Chance was created to assist others in their own personal journeys.

Anthony’s vision for Second Chance is to couple the technical skills required in the trades with the entrepreneurial and business skills necessary for professionals in the trades to be successful and ultimately have their own business.