Our Approach

The Problem:

In the current model, at the university level, far too many students go into substantial debt and are awarded degrees in areas with little value to where they end up. As a result, we have a large segment of our population who are considered underemployed.

Counter to this trend, there exists a shortage of qualified workers in the trades. In addition to these challenges, one of the biggest challenges for folks in the trades is a common base level of business knowledge which allows the individuals to successfully launch and sustain their own career and/or business.

Our Solution:

At Second C we strive to address the above problems in as actionable and attainable method possible. First and foremost we focus on the large underemployed segment of Northern Virginia in order to assist with a better understanding of the career opportunities available in the trades. By utilizing the reach and strength of our partner communities and to identify motivated individuals we will succeed in helping to bring awareness to the career opportunities in the trades. Second C will deliver a successful curriculum to bring about the necessary technical trade skillsets combined with entrepreneurial and business knowledge. We believe these individuals can have an exciting and successful career path up to and potentially owning their own business.

The benefits of business ownership go beyond just the potential financial gains. Having your own business brings about a greater sense of pride of who you are and what you do, allows you the opportunity to help others, and creates an overall better self image and esteem.